Thursday 4 June 2015

Samsung NX1 S Lens Firmware Updates!

If you have an NX1 I presume you have updated it to its latest and greatest firmware, v1.3. You can do this via the iLauncher system, or through Wi-Fi. Quick recap, go into Menu > Device Information > Software Update > Download via Wi-Fi.

Once that's done you need to turn off the camera and if you haven't already, attach whatever S lens you have (16-50 f2 S or the 50-150 f2.8 S). Plug the NX1 into your computer and open iLauncher, select Software Update. Follow the instructions. The update should improve AF speed, hard for me to tell seeing as AF has been pretty spot on already with my available v1.3 body firmware and S lenses.

For the record, the lens firmware is v01.02.

Enjoy :-)

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