Thursday 3 December 2015

Samsung NX1 - AF Tracking in 60p

A re-upload of an earlier video. Only this time I've uploaded the entire clip in its original frame rate. 60p. It was using an earlier firmware (1.2) and I hadn't actually meant to shoot any video that day. I had literally told myself 'no video today, only photography' so I had set up the camera for that.

Adjusting the AF Sensitivity settings would have sorted out two of the times it lost the bird, the other one was because I was using Single AF Continuous and the bird strayed from the focus zone due to my arms getting tired.

It's slightly overexposed because that's how I was shooting at the time. When I first got it, I shot like I've been shooting Samsung NX since the NX1000: Expose for the highlights, lift shadows in post if necessary. I've already preferred how the cameras handle shadows. Anyway as part of the testing, I started shooting like this to test the highlights in post.

The other cool thing I just so happened to pick a bird that didn't land for about two minutes all the while giving me a perfect test for the camera. Near, far, high, low, with noisy backgrounds, against a clear sky, interactions with other subjects, reflective surfaces, changes in velocity. It was useful!