Thursday 4 June 2015

HEVC h.265 Hardware Decoding by AMD and Samsung NX1

Didn't take long.

AMD have announced the Carrizo APU family, focused on low energy computing, with hardware support for HEVC h.265 decoding on-chip.

Although these are designed for use in mobile devices (laptops and the like) this just goes to show that the HEVC snowball is picking up speed. As more and more devices begin to support HEVC in hardware it is inevitable that more content with be delivered in the more efficient format, and this goes for 1080p video as well as 4k/UHD content.

Think about it, hardware support becoming available nine months after the Samsung NX1 ships is quite a rapid development, next step will be desktop support and the silencing of all the naysayers who scrambled to attack Samsung's flagship camera for implementing the advanced codec. A codec that was designed specifically to deliver content from HD to 8K, as opposed to h.264 which was designed to work with resolutions up to HD only.

The bandwidth savings alone from using HEVC online will free up a significant amount of resources for web video hosts, reducing bandwidth requirements will mean more stable connections, more stable video playback (less buffering) and a higher quality experience for the end user.

Doesn't sound so bad to me.

In regards to the AMD Samsung partnership, watch the below video. (Go to 11:50 in the video).
If you want to view the video directly click the following link -

The growth of HEVC compatibility will be exponential, and as far as consumer video camera technology goes, the Samsung NX1 is blazing the trail.

For more information there is also this ArsTechnica article -