Saturday 6 June 2015

Samsung NX1 Resolution [Is The Nuts] - Part One

The very first day I walked out of my house with the 50-150mm S lens attached to my NX1 I had the intention of trying on some street photography, it being a perfect lens for picking scenes near and far from the camera without having to dart around the high street like The Flash.

Naturally I couldn't find anything that caught my attention worth capturing, so I decided to randomly walk about (always seems to work best for me). Moving through Oxford Street, in central London I wandered into Regent's Park, daydreaming like usual. It was cold but bright. Could be worse conditions for capturing random moments I suppose.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught little furry things scurrying about, up and down trees, running across the grass and up to people. Literally running up to people and just sitting there staring, with 'feed me puny human' written across their little squirrel faces.

Finally something possibly worth taking a picture of!

Actually I took lots of interesting photos that day, but the one I'm presenting here is to illustrate the detail you can get from the NX1 + 50-150mm lens combo.

At some point in the park a squirrel came close(ish) to me and just waited, probably expecting food. Not surprising really considering I'm quite nuts. I didn't want to scare off the little fella so I slowly shifted the focal length to 150mm and lifted the camera towards target and 'click', got the shot. This was it.

I did say I shot quite a few interesting images that day. This wasn't one of them, at least not for the reasons people usually think an image is interesting. But when you crop in to the eye you see this...

Yep, that's me in the eye (one arm up, holding the camera) wearing a hood, sun behind me taking the shot. Not bad for a one-armed bandit.

And one more (beyond 100%) just for kicks.