Wednesday 8 July 2015

Samsung NX1 - Minor Firmware Update v1.32

And by minor I mean with few changes, as opposed to not wanted. We all like a firmware update!

Update using the usual methods. This update is a bug fixer. As usual I'll post the entire change log. Remember that a firmware update, even a minor one, will reset all of the settings in your NX1.


# Body Firmware
1. Title - Firmware version 1.32
2. Applicable Model - NX1
3. Description
[Caution] During upgrading firmware, a camera turns itself on and off two times.
Do not cut off the power and Do not remove battery before complete message.

1.Fixed the problem that is Movie STBY mode turning off automatically, after 1080 60p/30p
and Slow Movie(x0.5, x0.25) setting
2. Fixed Left, Right images are recording on each other's side in 3D video recording with 3D Lens
3. Overall fixed minor bugs


1. Improved "Color Temperature" of White Balance.
2. Fixed UHD Movie recording bugs
- Zoom lens + Tele condition > broken right side
- Zoom lens + Tele + EVF condition > Image broken when you enable MF Focus Peaking
3. Fixed FHD 120p Movie recording bug
- Intermittently broken of some part of movie
4. Keep the Focus mode under below condition
- Movie Standby mode > Start recording > change the Focus Mode > Stop recording
5. Overall fixed minor bugs

1. Sensor reads larger data size, resulting in improved FHD quality - up to 60P (not for Slow Movie)
2. Time code added features
- Rec Run option is added
3. 1920x1080 (120) setting in the Movie Size Menu for easy access
4. Auto Mic Control On/Off
5. Histogram and Digital Level are displayed during standby / recording mode
6. Capture individual 4K frame forward &backward with precision
- Embedded EXIF data in jpeg
7. Added NEW MF Responsiveness mode
(Capable of setting to Low, Medium, High focus angle in manual focus mode)
8. Remains in Stand By mode after recording
9. Overall AF improved:
- Enhanced AF performance in low light condition
- Enhanced AF performance in backlight and spot light
- Enhanced AF performance in the corners when utilizing 16-50mm PZ lens
- Enhanced Face Detection AF performance
- Enhanced AF performance in movie mode
10. Added Zone AF mode
11. Increased the size of AF to 5 steps in AF Area Size
12. No time limitation in Bulb mode
13. Increased the time-lapse to 3,000 shots
14. Includes the 4 most popular Pro Suggest presets (Cinematic, Memories, Gorgeous Night, and High Speed)
15. Simplified EXIF data preview
16. JPEG, RAW (JPEG only), and Video transfer via WiFi Actual RAW file does not transfer via WiFi. It only transfers JPEG file with Picture Wizard setting embedded to smartphone.
17. Introducing NEW Samsung Remote Studio software and SDK
- Download via iLauncher
- Full control of NX1 through USB
- SRS and SDK will be available to download on 1st week of June 2015
18. Supports Tizen OS TV connection
- One touch connection
- Launched 2015 Samsung TV models operated by Tizen are compatible with NX1
19. Overall fixed minor bugs

1. Fixed random body bug: 24fps, 23.98fps Movie recording horizontal noise
2. Disable of White Balance-Custom Set-Adjust option in the Movie STBY mode
3. Fixed minor bugs

1. Improved Drive speed under RAW, SAF, Continuous Normal setting
2. Optimized [Fast / Slow Movie] option of FHD 23.98p Movie size
3. Improved Touch AF performance during Movie recording
4. Fixed Smartphone synchronization of Time and Time Zone when you connect Bluetooth
5. Improved the purple noise issue of UHD 23.98p Movie size in the dark condition.
6. Fixed RAW file EXIF GPS information when you use the Geotagging under Smartphone Bluetooth connection
7. Movie STBY condition enable Drive dial button(AF/ISO/Metering/WB)

1. C Gamma and DR Gamma curves added for movie shooting
2. Video master black level control in 31 steps
3. Video luminance level limiting [0-255], [16-235], [16-255]
4. Video AF responsiveness control in 5 steps (dictates camera's readiness to change AF subject)
5. Video AF speed control for more cinematic refocusing (3 settings)
6. Wider range of display options, including gridline, center, aspect ratio and action-safe area markers
7. Audio levels adjustable during movie capture
8. General improvement in the image quality of FHD video
9. 'Pro' movie quality setting added for 1080 capture
10. AF / Manual Focus and SAF / CAF toggling in movie mode
11. Autofocus lock option in movie mode
12. 23.98p and 24p frame rates for 3840x2160 and 1920x1080 video
13. ISO adjustable during movie capture
14. Output time code (free run) over HDMI (for use with external recorders)
15. Wi-Fi and [REC] buttons functions can be swapped
16. AF On and AEL buttons functions can be swapped
17. Depth of Field Preview and Delete buttons are customizable and additional functions are available on custom buttons.
18. Added ISO or Exposure Compensation to command dial (customizable per PASM mode)
19. Command dials direction of operation can be reversed
20. AE and Exposure Compensation improved in M mode
1) Able to control Exposure Compensation in M mode
2) EV scale now available in manual mode when flash is attached (shows ambient exposure)
3) Movie AE is more stable in M mode
21. Trap Shot feature: fires shutter when a subject crosses a specified guideline
22. It is now possible to off the NR in Bulb mode
23. When setting ISO Auto, the chosen ISO value is displayed in real time
24. User can select from four AF area sizes when using CAF + Multi AF
User can also position the sensitive area where they would like to begin tracking a subject from.
If subject moves out of selected area AF continues tracking.
25. Change the flash control value from 0.5EV to 0.3EV
26. Exposure/Focus Separation on/off option
27. Smartphone App can operate as remote release using Bluetooth
(The Samsung Camera Manager App must be updated through the Google Play Store)
28. Checks installs for firmware updates over Wi-Fi
29. Samsung Remote Studio for tethered shooting from Windows PC
(Samsung Remote Studio software can be downloaded from i-Launcher in February)
30. Samsung to release SDK for Windows to allow independent remote control software creation
(Samsung Remote Studio software can be downloaded from i-Launcher in February)
31. Pair with multiple smart devices (only for Android OS Smartphone)
32. Selecting and grabbing frames from video
33. Added new option: 'Save Selection AF Position'
34. Menu re-arranged for improved usability
35. Fixed minor bugs
* Refer to the latest User manual for new function explanation

1. Added Sort by Oldest / Latest in the Playback menu
2. Added View Continuous Shots (Fold / Unfold) in the Playback menu
3. Added AF Start and AF Start + Lock in the AF On sub menu under Key Mapping
4. Added Custom Wheel EVC (Exposure Value Compensation) option in the Key Mapping menu
5. Overall color reproduction improvement
6. General improvement in the image quality of DCI 4K(4096x2160) video
7. Image quality improvement in white balance when Smart Range+ Mode is enabled
8. Improvement in long exposure noise reduction when capturing in RAW
9. Improved AF performance:
a. Added AF Release Priority function (Auto/Accuracy Priority/ Shooting Speed Priority).
b. Improved AF performance in low light situations
c. Improved AF performance in CAF & Multi area AF modes
10. Overall wireless strobe sync improvement
11. Other bugs are fixed

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