Wednesday 1 July 2015

Comment Me This, Comment Me That...

UPDATE: So I've allowed comments now. It seems like this 'disable comments' thing literally flicks the off switch on all posts individually, which would be a pain. I've allowed comments on some recent posts, and all new ones should have it 'on' by default. Any particular article you want comments turned on for, leave me a comment on this comment about commenting (sorry, couldn't help it).

I haven't made many posts on this blog really. I had actually set it up ages ago but didn't have any inspiration or time to post anything. Now I do.

I'm not the type of person comfortable with simply reposting other content, it will either have a comment from me (like all of the articles I've posted so far) or will be a link to some kind of creative thing I obviously want to share with my audience. Anyway, views to the blog has increased a fair bit and is continuing to trend upwards so I may as well pop the question.

You may have noticed there isn't an option for commenting. Most people who read an article don't comment, and having the comment field adds code to each article, slowing them down to whatever extent (I know not the exact numbers, but it's the principle). However, there may be viewers who wish to comment or ask a question, so I'll start with asking one of my own. Do YOU want comments on?

Poll on the right sidebar.

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